Urn With Chicks, Hens, and Pearls

Hen and chick succulents are an allusion to the grouping of leaves around a rosette as chicks would be clustered around a hen. Hen and Chicks Succulent blooms come in some beautiful colors such as yellow, pink, green, whites and purples. The little cascading ball succulent is called “String of Pearls”. I had a string of pearls at one time, but they died, and now I can’t find them anywhere! But don’t they look great together in this urn?

Urn with Succulents

Hen and Chick succulents make excellent container plants, especially if you lack garden space. Hen and chicks can be used to line walkways, driveway borders and of course for making quick and easy garden decorations! Hen and Chick Succulents also make excellent gifts because they can survive long periods without water, so it’s okay if the recipient forgets to water them regularly!