How To Grow A Pineapple Tree

Pineapple trees were planted on the island of Oahu during the early 20th century and have continued to spread into other areas such as Kona, Maui, and Kauai. The pineapple is a versatile fruit that can be used in many different ways. It has been used for food, medicinal purposes, building materials, livestock feed, landscaping, etc.

Pineapple on the beach

A pineapple will usually grow only in tropical climates. It likes fertilized soil, warm temperatures and plenty of water throughout the growing season. The pineapple plant may grow to a height of about ten feet but usually reaches no more than five or six feet. They are further classified into two types: The Smooth Cayenne variety with a greenish-yellow fruit skin and the Red Spanish variety with a red flesh and yellow skin. The Red Spanish variety is preferred due to its superior taste and texture.

Today, Hawaii has become the largest producer of pineapples in the world. About 70% of Hawaii’s pineapple crop goes to Japan. Five million cases are shipped from Hawaii each year to mainland USA markets.

This will show you how to grow a pineapple plant. I have done it and it is a wonderful plant!

How To Grow A Pineapple Tree