Long Narrow Arbor

This long narrow arbor adds vertical interest to the garden.

Arbors in the garden provide an attractive focal point. Arbors are not only used for climbing plants but also to provide a striking contrast in textures, shades, and colors that can accentuate the beauty of other flowers along with the arbor itself.

Arbors offer privacy to areas within your garden beds allowing you to have a place where you can relax or enjoy yourself undisturbed by others.Long Narrow Arbor

There are many varieties of Arbors available for purchase online or through your local gardening store. Arbors vary greatly in their structure, cost, construction material and design. There are Arbors made from wood, metal, bamboo and vinyl which allow for easy installation without having to construct it yourself. Arbors are often built differently depending on they will be used for whether it is just a plant support or as a living archway.