Hillside Garden

Gardening on hill is an extremely creative task, but many homeowners fail to do it right. Just because you are gardening on the incline doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t organize and plan your garden properly. In fact, by doing so, not only you will fight erosion effectively but also create a beautiful walkway or a great view.A Hillside Garden

How to Organize?

First – plan your garden design, make sketches of what you want to end up with. Once the master plan is ready go ahead and find out which plants will thrive on that incline as many plants won’t be able to survive there and grow properly. Remember, if you have a very steep hill you should terrace it up, so plants will be able to grow on the different levels and not just fall down.

When choosing plants pay attention to ground cover because it is a very important factor in fighting erosion. Also don’t forget about vines which will help you with hiding empty spaces between shrubs and trees.

Focus on Trees

Once you are done with the ground cover and smaller plants, focus on trees. They will give your garden a spectacular look especially if they have an interesting shape. If you want to know which ones can be grown in that area, call or go to your local nursery, and find out what native trees grow in your region.

multicolor flower beds on hillside

When planting them, remember to water them constantly and fertilize regularly, but don’t overdo it.


If you are facing a very steep hill with no chance of stopping erosion no matter how much ground cover or other smaller plants you use, that’s when terracing comes handy. How to do it? Simply build retaining walls and plant one flat layer after another in between them. Once you finish with planting, add a rock walkway for better looks and ease of access to all the plants.