Terrariums are a cool way of growing plants in a closed environment. They are usually used for decoration, as they can be very pretty and interesting to look at.

Terrarium Typically, terrariums have a few layers: soil at the bottom, gravel on top of that, then moss or another type of ground cover on top of that, and finally the decorative plants.

Terrariums can range from very large to quite small; the key is usually keeping them in a closed container with no holes (and making sure everything stays moist and doesn’t dry out).

One of the most popular plants for terrariums are mosses, since they can easily become attached to rocks or other decorations that hold onto them. I like to use succulents in my miniature terrariums, since they’re very low-maintenance and pretty.

Terrarium Under Glass

Succulents can be found at most garden or home improvement stores, and you don’t need a lot of them to fill up a good-sized container. Because succulents are so hardy, they’re really easy to take care of — even if your terrarium is left alone for a week or two, they’ll still look fine. Most succulents also do well with indirect sunlight, which is convenient if you want to keep your terrarium near a window.

You can make your terrarium more attractive by putting in some soft-tissued plants like mosses and ferns on top of the soil. When you’re ready to decorate, put down a layer of rocks or pebbles in the bottom of your container for drainage, then put some gravel on top.