Love This Hanging Lettuce Basket

Wire and moss basket of lettuce – a DYI project that is not only edible, but gorgeous! you can grow the lettuce for it’s looks, and you can cut some off as needed for your salads or meals.

When growing lettuce in the ground, you need to keep a watchful out for slugs, because they adore lettuce and can do some serious damage if you let them. When growing your lettuce in a hanging basket, you won’t have that problem!

Hanging Lettuce Basket

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Rainy side, gives us this information:

To make the basket you will need the following items:

  • 30 to 40 lettuce seedlings
  • 14 to 16-inch wire basket
  • Hanger with 4 wires and sturdy hook
  • Ceiling hook to hang basket from
  • 1.5 cubic bag of organic potting soil (there will be leftover soil)
  • optional – organic perlite
  • 24 dry quarts of sphagnum moss (need about 1 1/2 – 12 quart bags)
  • complete organic fertilizer
  • organic nitrogen fertilizer such as blood meal, or fish emulsion


Tools you will need:

  • optional – swivel hook (or Pot and Pail Hook with Swivel )
  • s-hooks to extend the wire basket down from hook to comfortable planting height.
  • watering can with rose or hose with gentle spray nozzle
  • trowel
  • large bucket
  • optional – whiskey barrel liners or large tub that holds water

For the full directions on making this gorgeous hanging basket, visit Rainyside!