Xeriscapes – Waterwise Landscapes

A Xeriscaped yard or garden is designed to require little supplemental irrigation once it is established, while continuing to look attractive year-round. It requires about half the amount of time compared to a conventional landscape to maintain it. Xeriscaping is appropriate for a range of site conditions and uses, from residential yards to large-scale commercial developments, golf courses, schools…

A Water Wise XeriScape

A good start to xeriscape is using plants that are suited for your climate zone. Being knowledgeable about the types of plants that require less water will help you design a xeriscape that will be very efficient.

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The goal of xeriscaping is to reduce the amount of water used by your landscape, without requiring a drastic change from what you already have in place. This can be done in phases as plants grow old or die out and new ones are added. Even if you install a Xeriscape in your backyard, you can still continue to water the plants that need it. You can save a lot of time and money when watering by hand or with drip irrigation systems instead of automatic sprinklers.

Xeriscapes are proven to save 30%-50% of water than conventional landscapes. In addition, xeriscaping is pesticide-free, reducing the risk of exposure to children and pets – and it makes sense too when it comes to your overall health.

Gravel Xeriscape

A xeriscape also provides a more diverse habitat for wildlife. Birds will come to your yard because they know that there are insects that have found refuge in the plants, and snakes and lizards will find some relief from the intense heat of a desert.

Other tips for saving water during the summer months include: 1) Planting drought-tolerant or native trees and shrubs that need less maintenance, 2) Using mulches in your garden beds to hold moisture, 3) Adjust sprinkler systems to water deeply and less frequently (no more than 1/2 inch of water per week), 4) Avoid watering your lawn, 5) Using drip or hand irrigation instead of sprinklers.

A properly designed and maintained Xeriscape can be: 1) Beautiful year round 2) Educational for children 3) Easy to maintain 4) Attractive to wildlife.  Now you have some knowledge on what a xeriscaped landscape is and you can begin planning your own.

Xeriscape garden

Creeping Thyme (thymus) in pathway stone pavers in drought tolerant California xeriscape garden with oak trees.