Teapot Birdhouse

Birdhouses are, duh, houses that have been built specifically to attract birds. Birdhouses can range from a simple wooden box with a hole cut in the front, to cozy little condos with air conditioning, heating units and even cable television.

In order for a birdhouse to be effective, it must meet certain criteria to make it appealing to birds. Birdhouses should be made small enough so only one or two nesting pairs of birds can possibly occupy them at any given time. The entrance/exit hole must also be large enough for adult birds but too small for predators.

Birdhouses should also be raised off the ground as much as possible to prevent predators from gaining easy access to their occupants. Birdhouses are typically placed 5โ€“25 feet above the ground on tree limbs or buildings. Birdhouses may also be placed on a pole or other raised location as long as the height meets the safety guidelines for birds and predators. Birdhouses should not be hung from wire as it will sag under the birdhouse’s weight, causing predators to have access to them from below.

Birdhouses can also be painted to help them blend in with their surroundings, which is beneficial for those who need to camouflage their birdhouses among trees and other plants. Birdhouses should never feature nails or screws protruding out of the front entrance hole (which would injure baby birds), nor should they contain external perches (which would allow predators easier access).

This teapot bird house, is so cute! You could probably get everything you need from garage sales ๐Ÿ™‚

Teapot Birdthouse

ImageSource: CarolynsHomework.com

Birdhouse Made From A Teapot

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