Summer Bulbs

To me, planting bulbs is a confusing task. It requires you to know what flowers you want and what time of the year they bloom. And if you really, truly want them – well, you better have it on your calendar seasons in advance!


Dahlia image from

True gardeners keep calendars of their blossoms so you can prepare yourself for each season. I compare it to buying holiday gifts for people a year in advance – I like to get gifts on clearance to save some serious cash, but it requires having a list prepared for who you are buying for and what age they will be the following year!

My absolute favorite summer bulb flower is the Dahlia. The detail in these amazing flowers is truly one of the most beautiful you will ever have in your garden. I just love how the petals appear to be painted on by some talented artist.

Dahlias are a difficult flower to plant and grow, in my opinion, as they need a lot of maintenance. First you must keep the planted bulb indoors about six weeks prior to planting outdoors. During this time, they should be place in a room that gets plenty of sun through the window and be kept moist. If you live in an extremely cold area, be sure not to plant outside until after the last frost of the season. I usually plant my seedlings no more than three to four inches deep in the soil and keep a distance of about one and a half feet between each.

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