Protecting your Knees in the Garden


If you are like my, the years of kneeling in the garden is finally getting to you!

Sure, we may use small stools and other tools every so often, but the fact of the matter is that much of our gardening happens on a whim and we never think to grab something to assist us – all the while creating more damage to our joints! Knee pads are effective, sure, but we are still placing a lot of pressure on those joints by kneeling.

So what do we do?


Garden Rocker image

A good friend of mine just surprised me with a gift of this Garden Rocker. It is light weight (about 5 pounds) and lets you rock back and forth allowing you to get closer for your weeding and pruning. The adjustable height is great because I am on the taller side.

This thing not only keeps my knees out of the dirt, but also keeps my back in a straight, un-hunched position! I have had it for just a couple weeks now and am already loving the way I feel!

If you truly enjoy getting down in the soil with your plants, try this neat contraption from Harbor Freight Tools – a rolling knee pad.


Rolling Knee Pad image

This allows you to roll as you garden, provided you stay on a hard surface, so you aren’t constantly having to get up and down to move.

Do you have anything out of the ordinary you use for joint protection in the garden?


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