Places to Sit

When it comes to seating in the garden, I feel like there is a chance to express yourself.

Sure, people need to have a comfortable place to sit – that is what a patio set is for. But what about a fun bench to place outside just because you wanted to? That funky, awesome piece of furniture that wouldn’t quite work in the house, but you really want it anyway.

A garden is a place to add those special little touches.

Garden Bench 1


This wood and iron bench is from Cyan Design. I think it would look great in an entry way or a mudroom, but it also has a special garden space feel to it. Elegant and even Victorian style, this would be a nice place to rest next to a great little stream or fountain.



If you are in to skateboarding, sports or just being awesome, this is the perfect bench for your yard. Made out of broken skateboards for an up-cycled style, I know I would have loved this back in my skating days.

Ford Bench

Source: Etsy Shop UrbanTwiggs (no longer available)

I am still trying to get my wife to approve a bench like this in our yard. My father had an old red Ford pickup and this bench seems like a great idea to remind me of the good old days. Love the perfectly matched paint from wood to tailgate. I think every yard needs one of these.