Stylish in the Garden


If you are like my wife, you are not one to garden in bare feet or even flip flops.

She is allergic to bees and just has a fear of all the creepy crawlies that are apparently just hovering and waiting to attack her toes!

For that reason, she likes to wear garden shoes. But all I hear from her is just how ugly they are and how she wouldn’t be caught dead having company over while she is wearing something so hideous. So for her birthday, I did a little internet searching and had some help from some of her girlfriends to try and track down some of the better looking shoes available. Now who says gardening has to make you frumpy?!

Check out the styles we came up with:


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These boots come from a brand named Sloggers. Very classy and dare I say elegant boots for getting dirty in. Pretty great if you like the tall boot, especially if you have a husband that likes to spray you with the garden hose…


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Another from Sloggers, this time a clog style. I know animal print is all the rage with the ladies, so this had to be added to the list. These clogs will make you look like a Leopard, therefore keeping all those giant garden spiders from eating you alive!



These Bogs clogs come in a variety of colors with apples, bell pepper and mushrooms. If you stick with the plain black they are sure to match anything you are wearing… and you just might be comfortable enough to keep them on for a quick run to the flower store or the hardware store without having to stop and change your shoes!



If you are looking for a shoe that is a little sporty with a removable and washable liner, this is a great option. Made by CCilu, these come in many different colors including Red, Black and Pink. These look extremely comfortable and those air holes are made for sweaty or wet feet! Black or blue is a great option for guys out there looking to have a comfortable garden or mowing shoe.


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