Printable Seed Packets

Packets of seeds are a great gift for new home owners, garden lovers or even at weddings.

But like anything in life, a little extra personalized effort is always a great way to go when gift-giving. That is why I am loving the idea of personalized seed packets. This idea opens up so many creative possibilities, such as initials or monograms, quotes, birth dates, images, etc. Not to mention the type of seeds given – a birth or funeral could give tree seeds, a new home owner could be given fruit or vegetable seeds, a birthday could be given a favorite flower and the list goes on!

Below you will find a couple options to get you started in designing your very own printable seed packets. Click on the source links to get further information on each. Think about using colored paper (you could print in color on newspaper or even used printer sized scrapbook paper) or adding embellishments post printing for a little extra style.

Seed Package


Seed Packages

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Make your own? I would love to see what you all come up with for your own seed packet designs!