Rosemary Verey

Rosemary Verey was an English garden designer who lived from 1918 to 2001. Little did she know that she would one day become one of the most influential garden designers of the 20th century. She was known for creating beautiful English country gardens that people loved.

Rosemary Verey

Rosemary had a passion for creating beautiful, quintessentially English country gardens. Her most famous work was the garden at her own house, Barnsley House, which is in Gloucestershire, England. People from all over the world would come to see it because it was so amazing.  This garden became her canvas, which she painted with flowers, trees, and shrubs, attracting visitors from far and wide who marveled at her creation.

In her gardens, Rosemary wove together her signature elements, like potagers (ornamental vegetable gardens), and laburnum walks, (pathways with yellow laburnum flowers hanging over them). She was really good at mixing different colors, textures, and shapes in her gardens to make them look stunning.

Barnsley House Kitchen Garden
Barnsley House Kitchen Garden (Image By Brian Robert Marshall)

Word of Rosemary’s talent spread, and soon she was designing gardens for famous clients like Prince Charles and Elton John. She even designed a garden for the New York Botanical Garden, which is pretty impressive.

But she didn’t just design gardens; she also wrote several books about gardening. She wrote over 15 books, and some of her most famous ones are “The Scented Garden,” “The Garden in Winter,” and “The Art of Planting.” These books helped a lot of people learn about gardening and how to make their own beautiful gardens.

In 1987, the Royal Horticultural Society gave Rosemary a prestigious award called the Victoria Medal of Honour, recognizing her outstanding contributions to the world of horticulture.

Rosemary Verey's Laburnum Walkway
Barnsley House Laburnum Walkway (Image Source

And so, Rosemary Verey’s legacy lives on, not only in the beautiful gardens she created but in the many lives she touched through her books and teachings. Her influence can be seen in English country gardens around the world, each one a testament to her passion, her creativity, and her enduring love for the beauty of nature.