A Thyme Lawn

A thyme lawn. Prettier than grass, needs no mowing or watering, (much less wasted water), purple blooms in the summer, and smells lovely when you walk on it.

I like to use thyme in my garden because it is so hardy, requires very little upkeep and makes a bold statement. What’s more, it’s purple flowers fill my yard with color all summer long and the perfume from the leaves keep pesky insects at bay. I’m allergic to grass pollen so having a thyme lawn is much more beneficial than having a grass lawn.

Thyme Lawn

I love planting thyme in between my patio pavers or under the raised garden beds that I have for vegetables and flowers. It keeps the area neat, fills it with color and most importantly, smells fantastic! Most people think thyme is only good for cooking but I disagree. There are so many ways to use thyme in the landscape!