Garden Stones with a Rubber Door Mat!

I have never made my own garden stones, but was recently reading about something called Hypertufa and am very excited to attempt working with it.

Have you ever seen planters that look very natural with little pebbles and such in them? They look like they could just blend right in to your landscaping as they are so earthy, rough and beautiful? That is probably Hypertufa. I am new to this, so you can read more about it on Wikipedia here. It is a mixture of Peat Moss, cement and perlite. Not only do garden sculptures and pots look really neat when made of Hypertufa, but plants supposedly grow better in them do to it being so porous.

I am going to try my hand at making some pots and garden stones this weekend if the weather stays nice!

Door Mat Stones


I picked up a rubber door mat at Ross for about $6 to attempt these great decorative stones shown above (be sure to visit the link above for a tutorial!). I think they will look very nice in my garden to create a path from my patio to my citrus trees. If I am successful, I am going to paint them with a natural patina look for added earth tones.

Wish me luck!