Garden Apron

Looking for a way to keep the dirt off your clothes in the garden?

Apron Garden

I am constantly being covered in soil, leaves and other fun little tidbits of my yard each time I head out to do “a little” gardening. Sure, a little dirt never hurt…but it DOES mean more laundry  ! I don’t know about you, but laundry is not something I look forward to. The laundry room is hot and stuffy, and the task of folding is SO monotonous! I would rather be gardening!

Photo: Etsy ohlittlerabbit

This handmade, screen printed apron shown above would be a great addition to any avid gardeners wardrobe for use in the garden or while cooking up all those freshly picked veggies in the kitchen! I also have to say, I LOVE this apron in white…the more dirt and stains it shows with time will only make it look better with this quote!

I am constantly looking for fresh gift ideas for all my gardening friends during the holidays. This adorable apron tops my list this year! Order now before the holiday rush on Etsy!