Brick Books for a Vintage Garden

I very much enjoy crafting new items for my home and garden.

When the holiday decorations are taken down and stored away and the winter weather is still keeping us indoors, I sit down with a hot cup of coffee or tea and begin creating new items for the new year. January and February is the best time for creating – I find that the spring time asks for too much cleaning, summer is full of travel and making plans with the kids and fall is the start of a long, enjoyable holiday season. I like to keep busy, so crafting is a great way to stay occupied when the chill outside is unbearable!

Brick Books


This weekend, I started a new project that is not only fun for me, but I will be continuing to create more as gifts for relatives. My family has a couple generations of librarians, so by nature we have turned into bookworms! What better for a bookworm than a nice set of books for the garden?! These “books” are actually made of bricks! Yes, that is right…ugly old garden bricks transformed into these amazing (though not QUITE readable!) treasures.

Look at the beautifully crafted vintage look of these brick books! I am so impressed! For my very first brick novel, I started with my grandfather’s favorite “Treasure Island”. I know he will enjoy placing this out in his garden…or maybe using it as a bookend in his home office. While mine does not look quite as vintage as the lovely books shown above, I am hoping to wear it down with some fine sandpaper once I am done painting the title on.

This is a very fun project and will make an easily personalized gift for any garden or book lover!

Upcycle a Broken Lawn Chair!

I have seen people re-purpose nice, old wooden chairs, but never have I seen something like this before.

Chair With Belts


I have to admit, when a lawn chair breaks, I am first to chuck in in the dumpster. Never before have I thought twice about saving it or fixing it. Probably because these days, lawn chairs are so poorly made that I don’t expect it to last more than a few seasons with that crappy woven plastic tubing.  Not to mention how much these plastic-covered chairs suck. Your hot, sweaty skin sticks to them in the summer time! Ugh.

This guy gives a tutorial on in creating a re-purposed chair from seat belts! Genius! Not only are you up-cycling old junk, but creating a new chair at the same time. Saves money and looks awesome! Plus, the possibilities seem endless…seat belts, regular belts (dated ones not worn in your closet, or stock up on the cheap at a second hand store), macramé yarn, old ties, old rope, old backpack or purse straps, duct tape…whatever junk you have sitting in a box in your garage! Just be sure you spray it with a weatherproof coating if you are going to keep it outdoors.

What an awesome idea!

Garden Apron

Looking for a way to keep the dirt off your clothes in the garden?

Apron Garden

I am constantly being covered in soil, leaves and other fun little tidbits of my yard each time I head out to do “a little” gardening. Sure, a little dirt never hurt…but it DOES mean more laundry  ! I don’t know about you, but laundry is not something I look forward to. The laundry room is hot and stuffy, and the task of folding is SO monotonous! I would rather be gardening!

Photo: Etsy ohlittlerabbit

This handmade, screen printed apron shown above would be a great addition to any avid gardeners wardrobe for use in the garden or while cooking up all those freshly picked veggies in the kitchen! I also have to say, I LOVE this apron in white…the more dirt and stains it shows with time will only make it look better with this quote!

I am constantly looking for fresh gift ideas for all my gardening friends during the holidays. This adorable apron tops my list this year! Order now before the holiday rush on Etsy!

Plant Markers

I don’t know where the time went.

Plant Markers

Image Source: 42Things Etsy Shop – NOTE: These particular markers are no longer on Etsy, but it would be super simple to make your own. But Etsy does have an assortment of other types of plant markers

It feels like just yesterday that I was wearing shorts and flip flops while enjoying a warm, summer day. Today, I am bundled up  in warmer clothing and preparing for the winter! This year seems to have gone by so quickly. Does the clock tick faster the older I get?

Today I wanted to share a neat idea for plant markers. Made from twigs, these markers keep a rustic, natural feel to your garden. They would also make for a Perfect holiday gift for anyone interested in gardening! Make it a quick theme by tying them up with a nice bow with a packet or two of seeds, a pair of gardening gloves, or a small shovel! Or, for a larger gift, get a decorative pot and fill it with a nice selection of garden tools! Whatever you choose, these garden markers will put a smile on anyone’s face!

You can purchase a set of 5 Manitoba Maple twigs, customized with your own chosen words.

Aren’t these perfect for the garden?!


I am a big fan of nice, happy, positive quotes.

Here is a great one that I came across the other day. I feel like this would make a great sign to post out in the garden, or to give as a gift to a close friend who loves to garden.

Gardening Friends

You know, it really is true that our best of friends are the ones who can look past all of the negatives that we see in ourselves and focus on the bright, wonderful, positive ways that each of us bring to the world.

These are really beautiful words.

Does anyone know who said this or where this quote originated?

Succulents In A Tool Box

Succulent plants are very easy to care for–just water them once every week or two, depending on how often it rains, if they are outside. Succulents in a container like this would make a great gift for those who have just moved into a new apartment or home, as the cactus and succulents require very little maintenance. Plus it’s a great way to recycle a rusty old tool box.

Succulents in a Box

Succulents are easy to care for and don’t need much water since they’re from dry climates.

Wood Stamped Concrete

Wood stamped concrete is a way to give concrete floors and walls the look of wood without the cost, maintenance, and vulnerability to water that comes with actual wood floors or paneling.

Wood Stamped Concrete

Wood Stamped Concrete is an image transfer technique used mostly for decorative purposes in residential and commercial construction. It requires an imprint that looks like wood planks, then a sealer coat on top to enhance the look of the wood.

It is a way to give concrete floors and walls the look of wood without the cost, maintenance, and vulnerability to water that comes with actual wood floors or paneling.

Someone who uses wood stamped concrete may do so for several reasons:

1) They really want the look of wood in their home but don’t want the drawbacks.

2) They have an area where they want to install wood flooring, but can’t due to moisture/water issues.

3) They want the natural beauty of wood, but don’t want to put up with all that comes with it (e.g., high cost, maintenance, potential for damage from water, etc.).