Outdoor “Rugs” Made from Pebbles and Stones

This is one of the neatest ideas I have ever seen!

Pebble and Stone Rug

Source: finegardening.com

While this may look like an amazing outdoor rug, it is really a great pattern made with a selection of colored stones! How amazing is this idea?!

Use rocks from your travels or trips to the beach… or if you want it done quicker, hop on over to your local craft store and purchase bags full of colored pebbles. They also sell bags of those round, pebble like pieces of glass to use for mosaics or floral arrangements, which I think would add a nice touch to this fun idea if done in small quantities.

Head over to my image source, Fine Gardening for more details on this and other garden “rug” and mosaic ideas!

Nice Big Deck With Pergola

A pergola is an architectural structure that can be supported by columns, trees, or other structures to provide shade, and shelter from the elements for outdoor seating. Pergolas may be constructed in a variety of materials including: wood, vinyl, metal and WPC (wood-plastic composite).

I love the way this one is built on the deck, but not the entire deck. So if you want some degree of shade, you can sit under the pergola, but if you want full sun, you can move to an open space. I have a friend that has a pergola over their patio, and they have a weather-proof ceiling fan installed in it. Provides a nice breeze on warm or hot summer days.

Deck with Pergola


This pergola is ideal for summer barbecues because it offers the perfect setting under a shady spot (notice the trees above it). It also has space enough to seat many people together under it. Plus this is a beautiful deck!

Places to Sit

When it comes to seating in the garden, I feel like there is a chance to express yourself.

Sure, people need to have a comfortable place to sit – that is what a patio set is for. But what about a fun bench to place outside just because you wanted to? That funky, awesome piece of furniture that wouldn’t quite work in the house, but you really want it anyway.

A garden is a place to add those special little touches.

Garden Bench 1

Image Wayfair.com

This wood and iron bench is from Cyan Design. I think it would look great in an entry way or a mudroom, but it also has a special garden space feel to it. Elegant and even Victorian style, this would be a nice place to rest next to a great little stream or fountain.


Image: UncommonGoods.com

If you are in to skateboarding, sports or just being awesome, this is the perfect bench for your yard. Made out of broken skateboards for an up-cycled style, I know I would have loved this back in my skating days.

Ford Bench

Source: Etsy Shop UrbanTwiggs (no longer available)

I am still trying to get my wife to approve a bench like this in our yard. My father had an old red Ford pickup and this bench seems like a great idea to remind me of the good old days. Love the perfectly matched paint from wood to tailgate. I think every yard needs one of these.


Pergola with Swing

Pergolas, created for outdoor living areas, have now become an essential additions to any home. They provide shade as well as create a private space to be enjoyed. If you have an outdoor or patio, pergolas are the best way to add elegance and charm.

Take a look at this captivating pergola with swing in a backyard! What do you think about it? The wooden bench is large enough to seat several people. You could also add climbing plants to add to it’s charm. It looks lovely and blends well with the surroundings. Don’t you love it?

Pergola with a Swing


Great Gate

Sure, a garden gate marks the entrance to your property but it also signals what’s beyond. Set the tone with one that reflects your style. Decorating your gate with flowers is a popular look. And it’s easy to do. Just pick up your favorite summer blooms at the nursery, or let little ones snip their favorites from around the yard.

Great Gate

A garden gate is a substantial investment, so think carefully about how you’ll use it. Do you want to shield your flowers from the neighborhood pets? Or maybe you need a barrier against more dangerous animals, like deer. Whatever the case, there’s a style of garden gate for your yard.

You’ll find garden gates to suit many styles of homes and gardens including modern, contemporary, traditional, rustic, country or cottage. Some are made from steel or wrought iron, but there are plenty of other options out there too including wood, vinyl and even bamboo. And if you’re particularly lucky you might get a custom made gate designed to your exact specifications.

Here are some tips on how to choose the garden gate that’s right for you:

  • Decide what type of gate will work best in terms of function and aesthetics. If you need a pet-friendly barrier, consider a wooden or vinyl gate while a steel or iron one might be better if you’re fencing off a pool.
  • Decide on the materials and level of craftsmanship that’s right for your budget and taste. You can opt for a tried-and-true design or go with something completely customized to fit your home exactly.
  • Assess what height is best for your space. Bear in mind, too, that shorter gates will be easier to step over.
  • Measure your space and make sure to take note of any obstructions such as trees, outbuildings, poles or even a fence. This will help determine how much room you need on both sides of the gate for it to open and close properly.
  • Think about whether you want a single gate or double, and how wide it should be. Measure the area where the gate will go before making a purchase to make sure it’ll fit.
  • Consider post-mounted or freestanding installation for your garden gates. Mounted gates are secured directly to their posts

Go beyond just functionality and choose a garden gate that adds beauty and interest with flowers or greenery. Consider whether you want the garden gate to be the focal point of your front entrance, or if it should blend in with its surroundings. It’s also a good idea to take into account what kind of impression you want your visitors to have of your property – do you want them to feel welcomed? Or perhaps that they are entering an exclusive space?

Check out examples of garden gates in magazines, at antique shows and flea markets or online to get inspired. You can find beautiful inspiration by visiting public gardens or botanical centers that often feature lovely wrought iron gates.

Downspout Trellis

A downspout trellis is an attractive way to hide downspouts. Now that is a great idea!!! They come in different lengths and different designs, but they all accomplish the same thing – making a downspout more attractive.

Downspout Trellis

After you install the trellis, you want to start training your climbing vines or flowers to climb the trellis. There are many different types of flowers that make good climbing vines. Vines like clematis do very well growing up a trellis. They are very easy to maintain with the proper training. Climbing roses are another very popular vine that many people use in their landscaping. You can also use morning glories, wisteria, and many other types of flowering vines for climbing.

Climbing Vine on Downspout

Climbing vine care is something that many people do not think about when they plant these flowers or vines for their landscaping. They let the climbing vines run wild, but this can lead to unsightly growth on your home. The vines should be trimmed regularly. It is best to trim them once a week when they are in full bloom. They will blossom well and look nice if you keep the pruning up to date. You can also do this when it is just starting to grow in the spring and fall as well, but this is less important than in the summer months because these plants tend to grow faster during the summer months.

Trellis Idea Chart

A trellis is great for your garden –beautiful in every season. It will enhance the look of your home while adding color and interest to your yard. You can grow vining flowers like clematis, morning glories, roses or honeysuckle up a trellis. Many gardeners plant annuals on them such as beans, peas, squash and cucumbers which can easily grow up a trellis.

One of the best plants for trellises are climbing roses because they are not only very attractive but their beautiful fragrance fills your garden!

A White Trellis with Climbing Plants

This chart shows several different ways to build a trellis.

Trellis Ideas