Fire Pit Using Concrete Tree Rings

As the weather begins to cool down, many people are looking forward to still being able to spend time outdoors. One very popular activity is gathering around a fire pit for an outdoor meal or just to spend some quality time with friends and family.

Firepit Made From Tree Rings

There are a lot of great fire pits on the market, but if you don’t want to spend a fortune having one specially made or buying an expensive pre-built pit, it is possible for almost anyone to make their own. A guide from IdeasToLive4 provides several tips on how to build your own fire pit, using inexpensive concrete tree rings and a small grill.

I really like how the terra-cotta look blends nicely with the surrounding greenery.


Mosaic House Numbers

Chris Emmert is a self-taught artist specializing in mixed-media mosaics. He expresses his creativity through various materials like tile, glass, metal, and found objects, focusing on upcycling and recycling to create unique, visually appealing pieces with quality craftsmanship. He has lots of great mosaics, and has a category just for garden stones!

I really like this one – your house numbers on a stone. It’s colorful, eye-catching, and unique! Some of my other favs include bird house stones, pet memorial stones, and his sun catchers.

Mosaic House Numbers

Chris has a website with many read-made mosaics available for purchase, and he also does custom work. Check him out at and send me a picture of your mosaic house numbers!

Cute Idea If You Have A Tree Stump In Your Garden Area

If you have an old tree stump in your garden, you might want to try this instead of having it removed. You can turn it into a fairy house, like this one. It’s a cute addition to any garden! Cute Tree Stump Fairy House

Fairy houses are little houses to attract and house your fairies. You can make fairy houses with different materials, to decorate your garden or yard. A simple and quick way to make a fairy house is with a tree stump.

Bamboo Chime Tower Fun

This would make a fun musical addition to a kids play area in the garden. Bamboo chimes are musical instruments. They’re usually hung up in doorways, and when the wind blows through them they make a pleasant sound. The most common type of bamboo chimes consists of tubes of different lengths that are tied together by threads or twine at each end so that they sound when the wind blows through them, making a pleasant rattle.

This set of chimes is larger than usual, and the sounds can also be made by using drumsticks, or a stick from a tree, instead of just depending on the wind.

Bamboo Chimes

Bamboo chimes are also used in Feng Shui to attract good luck and deflect bad chi (energy). Each tube is considered a separate unit and has its own unique characteristics. Placement of the tubes is very important: each one needs to sound towards an open area. A good spot would be a patio or a doorway that leads outside.

Reclaimed Wood Transforms A Blue Barrel

What a great idea. Using strips of reclaimed wood to cover this blue plastic barrel, or any ugly pot, into a great looking planter.

Reclaimed Wood on Plastic Barrel

Your local hardware store should have a scrap wood pile where you can find discounted wood that could be perfect for a project like this. Many will cut your wood for free.

You can also find scrap wood in other places, like construction site dumpsters, or by using the wood from old pallets. You’ll want to cut, sand, and stain the wood.

Brilliant Idea For Outdoor Sun Shades

When the sun is out, it can be uncomfortable to sit in direct sunlight. Some people are more affected by the sun than others, so if you are very sensitive to the bright light, or are concerned about sun exposure, then you may want to consider adding some form of outdoor shade when you are outside in the summer.

Sun Shades are usually bought ready-made, but can be a do-it-yourself project, as shown.


DIY Outdoor Sunshade

Brilliant idea for outdoor sun shades! My neighbor did this a few years ago and i have always loved it.


Fairy Garden Cake

Yes, I know this is a cake, but this is also a great idea to make for a fairy garden. I think I’m going to make it out of sculpey clay, minus the little ones though.

Fairy Cake

Fairy Gardens are outdoor miniature gardens, often created in terrariums or other containers. The premise of a fairy garden is that it is not built by human hands but by tiny fairies using their magical abilities. A fairy garden may exist in a simple, small pot, while some are extensive miniature landscapes with streams and waterfalls.