Blue Succulents

Blue Succulents come from the desert regions of Northern Africa. The high salt content in their soil gives them their blue color, which is caused by high concentrations of ionized chloride ions. Their distinctive shape helps them absorb moisture quicker than other plants during rainfall or when watered with a garden hose. This enables them to retain water for prolonged periods when no rain falls.

Blue Succulents

Blue Agave

Agave tequilana “Blue Agave” is a magnificent evergreen succulent native to Mexico that is probably the most well-known of all blue succulents. It has blue-grey lance-shaped leaves with a brown center spine and sharp tiny spines at the edges that are four feet long. The leaves form a six-foot-tall rosette.

agave tequilana

Blue Bird Echeveria

Absolutely love the look of this blue succulent.

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To help bring out the color of your succulents, whether they are blue, green, or any other color – keep them in bright, direct sunlight.