Coleus and Flower Border

I really like this idea of creating a colorful flower border along the hedges.

Colorful Flower Border

Like in this picture, I would start with tall, vibrant coleus at the back, with its striking leaves in shades of purple, red, and green. In front of the coleus, I’d plant a row of slightly shorter flowers, like zinnias, in a mix of bright yellows, oranges, and pinks. Moving forward, I’d add a layer of shorter cosmos, with their delicate, daisy-like blooms in shades of white, pink, and magenta. Finally, along the front edge of the border, I’d include a row of low-growing marigolds, with their cheerful, golden-yellow flowers.

This progressively shorter design would create a stunning visual effect, drawing the eye from the tall, eye-catching coleus at the back to the charming, compact marigolds at the front. The vibrant mix of colors and varied heights would add depth, texture, and interest to the flower border, making it a true showstopper.

Deck Border

Love this! The deck itself has an interesting shape, plus the rock bed border.

A border like this can serve multiple purposes and bring a touch of personality to your landscape. It adds visual interest, can define areas in your yard, and helps with weed control, plus adding a personal touch that makes your space truly yours.

Deck Border

You can get creative with different rock sizes, colors, and textures, and watch your space come to life with a charming and low-maintenance touch.

Mixed Flower Border

Lavender and Artemesia border. As far as I’m concerned, flowers are an essential part of life whether you grow your flowers in a garden or in flower pots. The blues and violet colors in this border are not only beautiful, but the smell is heavenly! Love the lavender!!

Mixed Border Flowers with Lavender

Image by: Andrew Lawson

They bring color and life to every house, apartment, public space. When I moved into my new home I knew that I wanted flowers all around me!  I love the smell of them so much!  And what better way than to have a flower border in the yard, along with flower pots on my front porch, too?  It brightens up everything!  If you want your space brightened then flower borders are the perfect solution.

Curved Landscape Border Filled With Dwarf Shrubs

Use curved landscape border, fill in with dwarf shrubs, ground cover, stepping stones and mulch/rock. Love it!Curved Landscaping Border

If you’re looking for a way to add some extra interest and dimension to your landscaping, then consider using a curved landscape border. Filling it with dwarf shrubs is a great way to achieve this look. Not only will the shrubs provide visual interest, but they’ll also help to keep the border in place. Plus, they require very little maintenance, which is always a bonus! Here are a few tips on how to create a beautiful curved landscape border filled with dwarf shrubs.

First, you’ll need to choose the right location for your border. It should be in an area that gets plenty of sunlight and has well-drained soil. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, mark out the area with string or garden stakes. Then, use a shovel to dig a trench that’s about six inches deep and two feet wide.

Next, it’s time to select the shrubs that will go inside your border. Look for varieties that stay relatively small, such as boxwood or yew. You can also find dwarf varieties of other shrubs, such as azaleas or rhododendrons. When choosing shrubs, it’s important to consider their mature size, as well as how much sun and shade they need.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect shrubs it’s time to plant them. When planting, be sure to space the shrubs out evenly so that they have room to grow. After planting, water the area well and add a layer of mulch to help retain moisture.

The border itself can be made of stones, bricks, or any other type of hardscape material that you like. The important thing is to make sure that the border is curved so that it looks natural. You can use a garden hose to help you create the perfect curve.

With a little bit of planning and effort, you can create a beautiful curved landscape border filled with dwarf shrubs. This type of border is a great way to add interest and dimension to your landscaping. Plus, it requires very little maintenance, which is always a bonus!