Brilliant Idea For Outdoor Sun Shades

When the sun is out, it can be uncomfortable to sit in direct sunlight. Some people are more affected by the sun than others, so if you are very sensitive to the bright light, or are concerned about sun exposure, then you may want to consider adding some form of outdoor shade when you are outside in the summer.

Sun Shades are usually bought ready-made, but can be a do-it-yourself project, as shown.


DIY Outdoor Sunshade

Brilliant idea for outdoor sun shades! My neighbor did this a few years ago and i have always loved it.


Colored Sand Terrarium – 21 Simple Ideas for Adorable DIY Terrariums

Terrariums are fun, self-sustaining little ecosystems where you can grow various plants. They are usually glass containers full of soil or sand, although plastic can also be used.

Recommended plants for terrariums are succulents, air plants, mosses, ferns, small cacti. Avoid large cacti or trees as these tend to grow bigger than the space allowed in a closed terrarium. Also avoid poisonous plants as well as ones that need direct sunlight exposure.

DIY Sand Art Terrarium

To Make This Sand Art Terrarium You Will Need:

  • Different colors of sand – if you want to do multiple layers of the same colors, I recommend buying 2 of each!
  • Clear bowl, vase, or jar
  • Plants of your choice (of course I chose succulents)
  • Handful of rocks
  • Stick or pencil

DIY Terrarium

Terrariums can be used to house plants of any type inside of a sealed glass container. This is a popular way to keep plants that may require high humidity or mild temperatures, such as tropical plants.

Many people use closed terrariums in their homes to create decorative pieces with plants and small rocks.

As you might imagine, it is quite easy for a closed terrarium to get over-watered because the excess moisture cannot escape. If your terrarium needs extra drainage, add some pebbles or gravel below the soil’s surface (mylar/plastic beads could also work).

Visit for 21 Simple Terrarium ideas! 

Lots of cute container ideas!