Great Gate

Sure, a garden gate marks the entrance to your property but it also signals what’s beyond. Set the tone with one that reflects your style. Decorating your gate with flowers is a popular look. And it’s easy to do. Just pick up your favorite summer blooms at the nursery, or let little ones snip their favorites from around the yard.

Great Gate

A garden gate is a substantial investment, so think carefully about how you’ll use it. Do you want to shield your flowers from the neighborhood pets? Or maybe you need a barrier against more dangerous animals, like deer. Whatever the case, there’s a style of garden gate for your yard.

You’ll find garden gates to suit many styles of homes and gardens including modern, contemporary, traditional, rustic, country or cottage. Some are made from steel or wrought iron, but there are plenty of other options out there too including wood, vinyl and even bamboo. And if you’re particularly lucky you might get a custom made gate designed to your exact specifications.

Here are some tips on how to choose the garden gate that’s right for you:

  • Decide what type of gate will work best in terms of function and aesthetics. If you need a pet-friendly barrier, consider a wooden or vinyl gate while a steel or iron one might be better if you’re fencing off a pool.
  • Decide on the materials and level of craftsmanship that’s right for your budget and taste. You can opt for a tried-and-true design or go with something completely customized to fit your home exactly.
  • Assess what height is best for your space. Bear in mind, too, that shorter gates will be easier to step over.
  • Measure your space and make sure to take note of any obstructions such as trees, outbuildings, poles or even a fence. This will help determine how much room you need on both sides of the gate for it to open and close properly.
  • Think about whether you want a single gate or double, and how wide it should be. Measure the area where the gate will go before making a purchase to make sure it’ll fit.
  • Consider post-mounted or freestanding installation for your garden gates. Mounted gates are secured directly to their posts

Go beyond just functionality and choose a garden gate that adds beauty and interest with flowers or greenery. Consider whether you want the garden gate to be the focal point of your front entrance, or if it should blend in with its surroundings. It’s also a good idea to take into account what kind of impression you want your visitors to have of your property – do you want them to feel welcomed? Or perhaps that they are entering an exclusive space?

Check out examples of garden gates in magazines, at antique shows and flea markets or online to get inspired. You can find beautiful inspiration by visiting public gardens or botanical centers that often feature lovely wrought iron gates.