White Feather Hostas

The White Feather Hosta comes up green in the spring and turns a super pale green, or almost white, in the summer. As it matures, the white leaves become striped with green. It’s a perennial plant that thrives in shade.

White Feather Hosta

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White feather hostas are hardy in USDA zones 3 through 9. White feather hostas are perennials, which means they will grow back year after year.

Pennies Around Hosta Plants As A Slug Deterrent

Slugs won’t cross copper because it imparts a slight electric charge when they touch it. Dark-colored, older pennies, which are mostly copper, work the best. The trick is to get the penny into direct contact with the slug’s skin. If it makes physical contact, the slug will try to crawl around or over but won’t be able to because of its slime trail and gravity. The slime trail provides a path for electric current and causes paralysis while gravity pulls them down.

Penny Ball

Here’s the instructions for a neat “penny ball” you can make to deter your slugs while adding some interesting art to your garden!

Hostas In A Pot

Gardening is a great way to produce beautiful, lush plants. One of the best plants for this are Hostas, which are popular in gardens around the world. They do very well in shade and also love being potted. The trick when growing them in pots is to make sure they have enough room to grow and spread out. These plants, if given the right care and growing conditions, will grow into stunning bushy plants almost as large as their outdoor counterparts.

Hostas thrive in mostly shady areas and prefer rich soil that is moist but not wet.  They also love compost, which can be added to your potting mix for them to help them grow.  They will reward you with gorgeous foliage and flowers for all your hard work.

Hostas In A Pot

Every spring they return In the pot! Add geraniums and ivy to get this look.