Nice Big Deck With Pergola

A pergola is an architectural structure that can be supported by columns, trees, or other structures to provide shade, and shelter from the elements for outdoor seating. Pergolas may be constructed in a variety of materials including: wood, vinyl, metal and WPC (wood-plastic composite).

I love the way this one is built on the deck, but not the entire deck. So if you want some degree of shade, you can sit under the pergola, but if you want full sun, you can move to an open space. I have a friend that has a pergola over their patio, and they have a weather-proof ceiling fan installed in it. Provides a nice breeze on warm or hot summer days.

Deck with Pergola


This pergola is ideal for summer barbecues because it offers the perfect setting under a shady spot (notice the trees above it). It also has space enough to seat many people together under it. Plus this is a beautiful deck!

Pergola with Swing

Pergolas, created for outdoor living areas, have now become an essential additions to any home. They provide shade as well as create a private space to be enjoyed. If you have an outdoor or patio, pergolas are the best way to add elegance and charm.

Take a look at this captivating pergola with swing in a backyard! What do you think about it? The wooden bench is large enough to seat several people. You could also add climbing plants to add to it’s charm. It looks lovely and blends well with the surroundings. Don’t you love it?

Pergola with a Swing