Keep Wasps and Bees Away This Summer

If you’re worried about uninvited outdoor guests this summer – no, not your nosy neighbor, but those pesky wasps and bees – use this secret weapon. It’s a simple, natural repellent made with just two ingredients: lemons and cloves.

Cloves in Lemons

Wasps and bees have a strong sense of smell, and they’re not fans of the citrusy scent of lemons or the spicy aroma of cloves. These odors confuse them and mask the scents they use to communicate and find food. So, by combining these two ingredients, you create a powerful deterrent that will keep those pesky insects at bay.

To make your own repellent, simply take a few lemons and cut them in half. Then, take some whole cloves and stick them into the fleshy part of the lemon halves, covering the surface evenly. Place the clove-studded lemon halves around your picnic area, and voila! You’ve created a fragrant, natural barrier that’ll discourage wasps and bees from crashing your party.

Now, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your picnic in peace, without the constant buzzing and the fear of getting stung. This repellent is effective, but it’s not a guarantee, so you’ll still need to be somewhat cautious. Happy picnicking!